Lost In Lacuna

by Liam Overton

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A quickly recorded 4 track EP made in one night by Liam Overton in early 2014. About feeling lonely while living in the Western Mesa region of Colorado.



released March 3, 2014



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Friendless Sheep
like a friendless sheep
a held my nose high
through the winter's deep
I'd climb over mountains
if they weren't so steep

for now I'm alone
but soon i'll be with my bros

i'll strap on my boots
and fasten my belt
i'll sing out out of tune
to make it through hell
cause as of right now
I'm kicking the spell

you ain't alone
everybody's found a friend

growing up ain't such a punishment
though we often regret
but what can you do
but trying and forget

I get up and I go home
Track Name: Cool Guy'd
sometimes I don't make sense
but I know I'm no different
don't know why I tend to trend
but I know I have a good intent

there I go again
I think that I'm depressed
the hardest part of aging past 10
is finding your friends

as I continue to exist
the one thing that's stayed consistent
is the feeling I get
being cool guy'd like a kid

everywhere I go
I'm being cool guy'd
what's the point in being me
if everyone's just going to be mean

sometimes I wish we'd hang out
cause we're all doing the same things
I've missed some great things
because I'm scared of these feelings

maybe it's my fault
for feeling them at all
I know anything
means nothing at all
Track Name: Autistic Or Artistic
optimistic or realistic
my minds progress
moves much too slow

everything I see
helps me think
and helps me grow

and I'm growing old
so I'm changing my mind
but my minds been sold
to the first person in line

where do I go
I don't know

autistic or artistic
my little brother
is the coolest dude I know

every time he speaks
it let's me think
and helps me grow

and I'm growing old
so I'm changing my life
but my life's been sold
to the first person in line

where do I go
I don't know
Track Name: Lost In Lacuna
I close the book
and you asked me some questions
I spoke my views
but forgot to mention
I never got that part of the story
and to be frank the rest just kind of bored me

I'm finally figuring out just where I stand
though most of the time it's not who I am
attention span of a mid-spring shower
I say that I'm coming then I leave in an hour

I think I'm in a mid life crisis
this transit trashes me before I can find it
a horror story made a young boy cry
he had to lie to his friends before they could see his eyes

I'm lost in lacuna
like a boy lost a balloon
a toy in the attic
a life to an addict
a space in the static
a smile to the tragic

innocence to sadness
I'm lost in lacuna