Lonely Lives

by Liam Overton

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Lonely Lives is the first release on Peer Group Records. It is a selection of numerous melodies and poetry in songs written and recorded by Liam Overton.. These "Sarc-rock" style songs are in relation to each other through his humorous, emotional attitude toward his music. "I am obsessed and addicted to recording things, though I never really learned how to do it 'right'." he says. "I hope someone will relate to these by feeling the connection between themselves as striving lonely souls, and the way they are expressed through cheap guitar loops, off-rhythm beats, and out of key vocals." As if he wanted to do it so bad, that doing it turned out really bad... Enough said, I hope someone understands where he is coming from and can relate.

30 tracks on cassette, realeased on 60 min. cassettes for sell of $5.00. Includes BONUS C10 TRASH CAN TAPE while supplies last and random insert at Liam's choice.


Thank you. (PGR)


released November 14, 2013

Liam Overton



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Computer Trances (Roxanne)
Do you want to dance?
I've asked you twice.
But it seems your attention is aside tonight.
What's got you going?
Don't you think I should know?
I'm your boyfriend.
You even said so.
Can you hear me as I call your name?
Computer trances have taken place of our dances we used to share.
Do you still care?
Are you still there?
Am I still your man?
Your computer trance has got you sweating your pants...
Track Name: For The Kids
It's a shame, all my kids are named.
The neighbors name is the same.
All because of a decision I made for the kids,
And there will be more to make.
It's a shame all my kids are ashamed.
And I guess that I'm the one to blame.
For giving them names, It was because of a decision I made.
For the kids, and there will be more to make.
Track Name: I Can't See The Freeway
I can't see the freeway.
Airplanes, or speedways.
Datelines, or daybreaks.
A train, or a place.
Track Name: Now I Remember Why I Don't Try
I feel to be on a sunken ship.
Like an old man, about to slip.
Like a pre-teen feeling the trip.
Hyenas cry in the middle of the night.
All their heads feed any creature alive.
I feel like I'm being eaten alive.
My brain stops working every time I try.
I've seen what my life could be like.
I've seen what it means to try.
I'm going to forget about English.
Forget about bullshit.
And forget about coolness.
I'm going to care less.
I feel to be sort of shy every time.
I don't know why.
But I guess now I ought to try.
What's the point in waiting to die?
Humans moan in the middle of the night.
Creating more creatures of life.
Now I remember why I don't try.
Track Name: Mars Bar
White is the color of your bills.
It's probably the color of your pills.
The Washington's seem to be thrilled,
By your position in the hills.
Guns pointed to your hat bill.
Knee deep behind the back fill.
The UFOs have got to be killed,
But they seem to be just a little more skilled.
I see a smoothie bar in the stars.
Locked behind a thousand jail bars.
Somewhere on Mars there's a kitten in tar,
Who's been bitten like a candy bar, a Mars bar.
Road diner holds my heart.
In it's register under the check cards.
Life will be cool when I'm stock large.
Typo's and comma placements on my forearm.
No alarm, tattoos on the dairy farm.
Track Name: Palm Tree Gardens
Palm tree gardens cast shadows on my solitude.
Good thing though because if it was brighter you'd see me nude.
Just lying in the dust like a deflated balloon.
An emotionless body in the afternoon.
Burnt out on smiling, sighing, and building my doom.
Bring postcards from the womb but don't come too soon.
If you want I know of a place we can go and see a show by a guy named Ryan, he's so cool.
He's always trying...
In my palm tree garden.
That's where I'll be if you need me.
Track Name: Strange Change
It takes a sudden change,
To realize things can get strange.
It's takes a sudden change,
To realize things are strange.
You'll learn a lot that way.
I ain't scared of change.
I like the change. It's so strange.
Track Name: With My Symphony
Born in the morning thyme.
Lied under a rubber tree and listened to the Macah plea.
And lined the lines in the trees with my symphony.
Track Name: Be Bop Baby
I need a be bop baby in my arms.
I need a be bop baby, so I can charm.
Who I can charm.
Track Name: Burnout In My Bed
I don't really care to know names to where they go.
I know I sell my self low.
I'm so social but so stoned and blown.
It makes sense in my head.
Look through my mind at it instead.
Let me burnout in my bed.
Track Name: Notes
Well outside Pluto is home.
Eating grass next to the patio.
In love with a seagull, a dog, and a rhino.
Come with us.
Mother and father time their arrival to key.
Notes, notes
I know everything I know
don't mean so much no more.
Eating breakfast next to a generation of myself.
I never thought it would come to this.
Track Name: Acid Mountain
Am I heard in silence on acid, mountain?
The birds and the bees won't speak to me.
Track Name: Morning People
Oh, if you don't already know.
I'll be in bed by 8pm or so.
No, I won't answer the phone.
I like being alone.
I'm sick of looking at buildings.
Every views the damn same.
I'm saving my eye.
If you think you love the city,
Then you don't know who you're shitting.
Track Name: Sungazer
If you want to sleep till 3pm,
Then by all means live free.
But I like the sunrise.
It's nice gazing at sunshine.
If you want to wake up at 3pm,
Then by all means live free.
But I like the sunrise.
It's quiet. It's nice.
Track Name: Smile
(I don't want to hold nobody's hand,
But yours.
So when you see me crying,
You'll know why I am just trying.
I'm just trying.)
Track Name: Skater's Waltz
(cry/go haha)
Track Name: Just Like The Crowd
Staircase go up go down.
From the top to the ground.
I'm like a clown.
I hide my frown.
Behind my gown.
I skip around.
I just like the crowds.
I'm just like the crowds.
Track Name: Did You See The Eagle?
Did you see the eagle?
It stared at you.
It thought you were a seagull.
But you've never been to sea before.
There's horror in a beach.
Like beauty in a beast.
Being a child really taught you a lot.
With your soft minds full of hard thoughts.
Look at what I caught.
I'm sick of looking at buildings.
Every view's the damn same.
I'm saving my eye.
Track Name: Growing Up Here
Growing up here means nothing to me.
I never meant nothing to me.
It never meant nothing to me.
I never want to go home.
I never want to see the people.
Track Name: Fortunate Feeling
You better get used to those fortunate feelings.
Cause you're so fortunate to feel that way.
You ought to get used to the fortune and fame.
Cause from here on through people see you that way.
It's for the fortunate feeling of fortunately dealing with lovely thoughts of you.
From people you don't know.
They love you, you've got to love them too.
I wouldn't cry if no one cared when I die.
Just set me aside.
I'll be food for another kind.
Like they are to (us) in our minds.
Track Name: Like My Dog
When I sleep, I'm still
And so is my dog.
She lies on the floor.
While I'm raised in a cot.
She can jump up if she wants.
Or I can crawl down.
As long as I don't make a sound.
I'm a child and I like animals.
I don't understand their brains.
My friends are all the same.
I don't want to be compared to mom and dad.
I want to live like my dog.
So curious and so smiley.
I don't want to speak.
Just look at me and see
I'm just happy to see you mom and dad.
Track Name: My Sweet Brunette
In the city there's a woman.
A sweet brunette with lipstick and wine.
I never liked all the makeup in preschool.
But she and I have a stigma so fine.
She's mine.
My sweet brunette.
My baby it's time
To leave the ship and start our lives.
Track Name: Romantic Dancematic
Romancing and dancing,
Sweat drip drop dry.
I catch moments in your eyes.
Oh I would babe, but I'm too shy.
Reality tells me I can't.
But I can.
And I want to dance.
I just don't feel that free
Around so many dancers like you.
I'll just watch you dance.
And think about romance with you.
When I leave, I'll dance on my own.
With you on my mind.
And practice how it would be.
For when I finally dance with you.
Romantic dancematic is themed for you.
Track Name: Flight To The Forest
Back through the front door
Sweat drips from your pours.
People laying on a curb,
With a basket.
Next to you sitting in your car.
Isles of guards set up a station.
It calls your name.
For the flight to the forest.
And I'm jealous. I'm a jealous guy.
Track Name: Glamour/So Social But So Stoned
You're much too quiet.
That's what they tell me.
Apparently, I must be shy.
But how do I not be?
Will you tell me?
Or will I always be?
I just want to come along.
To absorb your views on things.
Just to write a sappy song,
I can't play how I want.
I'm finding myself
Sitting next to the phone.
Like a pre-teen feeling alone.
So social but so stoned.
And alone...
Track Name: That's Not Cool Man
I'll see you at bedtime.
Everything will be alright.
You know I need you by my side.
Here in the moonlight.
Take the time you need to feel happy.
I owe a letter to my friends.
I need them.
I'll see you at high noon.
I know that we'll be high soon.
Inside our cocoons,
Eyes like the moon.
I can see you know what you're doing.
Dogs will bark, while cows are mooing.
I had a dream everyone was booing.
And that's not cool man.
Track Name: Paint Fumes
I exit with hiccups looping my throat.
How is it that time can pass?
I have a rash and my car crashed.
Birds don't belong to my ceiling fan.
But why don't they give it a chance?
I was in a fire hazard.
I was named in 1992,
What about you?
Dragon man daggers another friend of mine.
He daggered me months ago.
I'm so quick to assume everyone's right.
I'm addicted to paint fumes.
Track Name: Lonely Boys Will Live Lonely Lives
I'll try to keep my cool.
The face people make while being serenaded,
Is the face I make while feeling separated?
Hip girls in exotic places.
With made up faces.
Won't you come over again tonight?
Lonely boys will live lonely lives.
That's alright.
Lonely boys will live lonely lives.
I've realized.
Track Name: I Don't Want To Make Things
Sometimes I wish I never wanted to make anything at all.
I would save myself so much frustration.
Why can't I be one of those guys,
Who is fine just watching the days go by?
I don't want to make things anymore.